Make Up Store släppte 1 December en ny december look. En fantastisk och annorlunda jul look om man kikar på de flesta andra märken! Jag älskar när det sticker ut! Looken är skapad av Olle Johansson som jag har haft förmånen att jobba med många gånger!

/ 1 December, Make Up Store the swedish makeup brand released a new collection. A fantastic and different Christmas look if you look at most of the other brands! I love when it stands out! The look is created by Olle Johansson, who I’ve been fortunate to work with many times!

NEW COLLECTION by Make Up Store. Microshadow Dagger, Lagoon and Volga

Hallo Russian attention!

I will use this Slim Lipstick a looooot!

Close up, Don’t blend the eye shadows it gives a nice effect in this look!

Inspires me for new years eve as well…hm this can be fun!

Think out side the box!

I wish you a  wonderful weekend!

Produkter jag har använt / Products I’ve used (All products from MUS*)

Ögon / Eyes
Microshadows, Dagger, Volga, Take Off, Sunrise
Cyber shadow Rumble, Silver
Eye pencil Darkest Shadow

Utsmyckning / Jewelry  
Strazz (rain stones)  Aquamarine, Fancy siam, Purple dream
(*Pearls & green flowers from a pair of broken earrings from Pilgrim and Silver dots from Panduro)

Läppar / Lips

Slim Lipstick babushka 
Lip pencil Road Trip

Rouge / Blush

Sugar Muffin 
Nut as shading

Bryn / Eye Brows
Concealer Care n Cover Light  för att bleka /for bleeching

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