A new fall season is about to begin, but before that, we’ll go through my latest beauty finds from August! How about a body product that banishes chapped and dry skin? A great product that made a big difference on the scalp and finally one of the most delicious kajal pens right now. Welcome to this month’s favorites!

Favorites of the month Aug 20231. Gel Eyeliner Pencil Polar Lights (link lyko)  | 2. The hot ex  (link lyko)  | 3.  Hair Growth Conditioner (link elizabethzefi) 

Favorites of the month are products that I love from the first moment, use extra often or that have become obvious to me to use in my job as a Makeup Artist. Every month I recommend the very best in a blog post and then give a verbal overview of how they are used on my Instagram in the story. Here you will find the Favorites of the Month categoryso you can find all the products I have recommended.

Products used in the look:

FlawlessSatin Moisture Foundation203 Neutral Beige(link lyko)
OriginalLiquidMineralConcealer 2C(link lyko)The Wonder Stick Highlight Pure Bronze(link lyko)Hydra-Powder Tinted VeilN200. Natural(link lyko)Bounce & blur mauve sunrise(unfortunately discontinued)(link lyko)Eyes:Pro longwear Paint pot Groundwork (link lyko)Gel Eyeliner Pencil Polar Lights(link lyko)Eye Color Palette 04 Frosty Twilight(link lyko)Ramina lashes(link Swedish)

Brow Fre eze (link Lyko)
Brow wiz   Medium brown (link Lyko)

Bianca lip pencil (link caia)
Lip Comfort Oil 01 Honey (link lyko)

Nail polish:
748 Depend
(link lyko)


Gel Eyeliner Pencil Polar Lights

1# Gel Eyeliner Pencil Polar Lights | BABY

First up we have a new, super soft eyeliner in a trendy shimmery ice blue shade that was launched in Aug. How I longed for this kind of shade! Namely, the color is slightly more grey-silver than blue, but still has that icy blue undertone that makes the eyes pop. So I really think you’ll like it, even if you might suffer from some kind of 80s phobia every time you think about blue around the eyes. 😉

How to put it?
Because the gel-based formula is so incredibly soft, you can easily apply the pen both on top of the eyelid, along the lash line or under the eye. If you are very light in your colors, I recommend combining it with something dark dense along the lash line just to get a nice contrast against the lashes. If you are slightly darker in tone, you can use it both as it is or combine (in my opinion).

Apply the kajal to both the upper and lower fringes or apply it only in one place. You choose!

It fits very well and should not smudge, but given that it is not waterproof, the result depends on how your skin behaves. I myself can experience that it loses a little color during the day and becomes more gray if I don’t attach it, for example. If you’re a little fatter on the lid, you may therefore need to press a little powder on top to really fix it. 

If you want to see how I put it in a video, you will find how I do it in a step by step video on my Instagram (@makeupbylina) during the evening.

Price | Gel Eyeliner Pencil Polar Lights costs SEK 210 and you can find it at Lyko and inside Babor on Humlegårdsgatan in Sthlm.

2# The hot ex | mantle

Hang in there, because now you’re going to get one of my best tips for the fall shower routine! The Hot Ex is an oily, exfoliating product for the body (body peeling) that you scrub yourself with before stepping into the shower. It also provides a slightly warming sensation when applied and contains mainly natural substances, including CBD, MCT oil, Q-10, sea buckthorn and biodegradable grains. It is magical!!

Why should you use it this autumn?
First of all, because it is one of the smoothest, most beautiful exfoliations I have used for the body, but also because it gives you so much more than just effectively removing grime and dead skin cells. It isan experience, because the entire bathroom is filled with a harmonious scent of lemongrass. In other words, that little private moment you have in the shower becomes spa-like. Not to mention how the skin feels afterwards, so smooth!! You feel that the skin is replenished with nutrition and moisture, so it’s great for those of you who can never bear to oil yourself! 

Small minus?
Like all oily products with grains in the shower, you should make sure to clean the bathroom floor before stepping out of the shower. It can be very slippery otherwise

Price | The hot ex  costs SEK 380 for 200 ml and is available at, among others,

3# HAIR GROWTH CONDITIONER | Elizabetha zephy

Another product that really surprised me is a hair conditioner from the German brand Elizabetha Zefi. I was at a press meeting with them before the summer when they launched in Sweden and then I heard about their Hair growth series which would be specially adapted for the scalp and prevention of hair loss. I, who lost an incredible amount of hair after pregnancy and got eczema on my scalp, gave up on that series straight away.

A conditioner that is massaged into the scalp!?
It is after children that I had incredible problems with an itchy scalp and in the Hair growth series there was a conditioner that the founder Elizabetha recommended me to massage both into the scalp and out into the lengths. I’ll be honest and say I was skeptical about it, but I went home and tried it and now I’m a little bit obsessed. The sensation when applied to the scalp is almost slightly mentholic and cooling, which is extremely lovely on something that itches. My scalp feels SO clean but also moisturized right down to the scalp, something I know I’m bad at moisturizing otherwise. The content is mainly natural, which my scalp reacted well to. The balm contains, among other things, aloe vera, glycerin and panthenol, which moisturises. Allantoin which soothes the scalp and nettle extract which stimulates circulation. Chamomile extract and urea have an anti-inflammatory effect. 

The result of the entire series?
I have been using the whole series for about 2 months and it is of course difficult to say how much it has helped when it comes to rebuilding my hair. It is recommended to use the products for at least 3 to 6 months, because that is how long it takes for the active ingredient follicusan to work. It is also so individual. But one thing is for sure, I will continue to use the series, and specifically the conditioner, during the toddler years when I discovered that hormonal hair loss and eczema are a bit of an everyday thing for me right now.

Good to know:
If you buy the product and are dissatisfied, they have a 14-day money back guarantee!

Price | Hair Growth Conditioner costs SEK 520 for 250 ml and is available on their own website and in the Mall of scandinavia Sthlm at 

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